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english Jun 06, 2022

I feel to share with you some of the tranzits of today June 6, 2022, numerologicaly a 666 day. I feel inspired to share some ideas about this moment. I'll start by presenting the map of the time of today at 6:06:06 a.m UTC

Before discussing other transits, I would like to point out that the Moon at this time is in GK 29.6, the GK that travels from the Shadow of Half heartedness to the Siddhi of Devotion through the Path or the Gift of Commitment.

"Half-heartedness robs you of your opportunity to participate in life’s mystery."

We notice that the moon is in the sector of the duality of the I Ching Wheel, a sector that is based on the trigram of water and which is ruled by the Deity of Thoth.She will pass through GK 59 during the day, which travels from the Shadow of Dishonesty to the Siddhi of Transparency through the Path or the Gift of Intimacy. At 6:06:06 pm the Moon will be in GK 40.1 (Exhaustion, Resolve, Divine Will).

While in GK 59, the...


Where are we heading?

english gene keys Feb 10, 2022

In astrology, the North Node and the South Node represent the axis of our destiny, the meaning and direction of our life, the axis of our growth in being. And if in the personal map we have specific personal themes to integrate, the transits of the nodes open deeper themes, possibly collective, but as much as possible necessary for individual integration and part of our deep growth. Our personal response to the challenges of each transit can place us either on one side or the other of emerging conflicts or beyond the conflict, using the pressure to grow and transform.

Since January 18, when it entered Gene Key 8, the North Node is accompanied by the dwarf planet Sedna that accompanies the North Node until its last day of transit in GK 8, respectively March 14.

In the Gene Keys transmission GK 8 travels from the Shadow of Mediocrity to the Siddhi of Exquisiteness through the Gift of Style. In Human Design it makes together with the GK 1 (Entropy - Freshness...


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