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english gene keys Feb 10, 2022

In astrology, the North Node and the South Node represent the axis of our destiny, the meaning and direction of our life, the axis of our growth in being. And if in the personal map we have specific personal themes to integrate, the transits of the nodes open deeper themes, possibly collective, but as much as possible necessary for individual integration and part of our deep growth. Our personal response to the challenges of each transit can place us either on one side or the other of emerging conflicts or beyond the conflict, using the pressure to grow and transform.

Since January 18, when it entered Gene Key 8, the North Node is accompanied by the dwarf planet Sedna that accompanies the North Node until its last day of transit in GK 8, respectively March 14.

In the Gene Keys transmission GK 8 travels from the Shadow of Mediocrity to the Siddhi of Exquisiteness through the Gift of Style. In Human Design it makes together with the GK 1 (Entropy - Freshness - Beauty), the Channel of Inspiration and Creativity that enhances authentic self-expression, uniqueness. The transits of this days are particularly powerful:  

We have four planets in Capricorn: Venus, Mars, Mercury, Pluto and a lot of asteroids too. Until the end of the month, February 27-28 respectively, when the Moon also accompanies this grouping, we are offered a rare opportunity to recognize and transform the shadow dynamics between the feminine and masculine principles. Venus, Mars and Pluto will not meet again in Capricorn for more than 250 years.

During this period we go through a process that can be seen as a sacred ritual of purification of the soul. The more we are aware and do not identify with the wounds that come to the surface, the more the feelings can be included in the deep inner alchemical process, the smoother we will be able to go through this period and find in ourselves the resources to use every moment for inner grouth and a high jump.   

Looking at the map of this moment (10.02.2022) we discover the conjunction of Mercury with Pluto in GK 60.1. Gene Key 60 travels from the Shadow of Limitation to the Siddhi of Justice through the Gift of Realism. The theme of Line 1 is about contemplation, sincerity with oneself, self-stability, self-confidence, fertility or the opposite of all this in its shadow side.

Mercury is a personal planet that currently has a mystical encounter with a transpersonal planet, Pluto. Pluto is the master of the underworld, of the hidden, frozen and dark world. Then let's not forget that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. In Alchemy, Saturn governs the transformational process of Mercury. Saturn is in Gene Key 13.4 at the moment, which moves from the Shadow of Discord to the Siddhi of Empathy through the Gift of Discernment.

In alchemy, Mercury is involved in the process of transforming dark matter into white matter, silver, Mercury governs the birth of the White Queen.

In this encounter and existential theme brought to the surface by the meeting in Gene Key 38 (Struggle, Perseverance, Honor) of Venus and Mars, GK 13 in which Saturn is located and GK 60 where we find Mercury and Pluto, I find that the story shared by Adam Sommer on his blog: https://kosmognosis.medium.com/acts-of-truth-ad6c1bf35172 it fits very very well:

"There’s an old story about a child whose ball rolls into a little hole. When he reaches into the hole to fetch it, he is struck by a pit viper. Miles from the closest hospital, his parents scream for help and an old monk appears. The monk admits to not being a doctor, that all he has is the truth of his story. Panicked, the parents beg him to try anything. So he lays his hand on the boy’s head and tells the truth of his story, which involves not wanting to be a monk, and how he feels he has been living a lie. Once done, a little poison seeps out of the child. The monk motions to the father and says he must do the same to get the rest of the poison out. So, the father lays his hand on his son and tells the truth about how he feels like a fraud; he’s been living up to the family name his whole life, but it’s always been false, it’s always been soul-sucking work. A little more poison seeps out of the boy. Next, it was up to the mother to get the rest of the poison out. So she repeats the process. Her truth was about how much she hated her husband, for the fraud that he was, and how she hated herself for staying with him. And then, miraculously, the rest of the poison seeped out, the boy jumped up, grabbed his ball, and continued to play. The three adults looked at each other, with tears in their eyes, and vowed to live not by lies moving forward. "

Here we discover the healing power of the confession of inner truth. Mercury being an astrological placement connected with our expression, what the above story reveals to us is that in this profoundly liberating process, the intention behind the confession is very important. In this specific case, confession becomes a sacrificial act on the altar dedicated to the healing of the child. Symbolically, the child represents the future.

I sacrificed who I was so that I could be reborn in a higher and purer version of myself.

Life, God, or Divine Grace (Neptune in GK 22) listens to me willingly through those who are silent witnesses to my confession. As I understand my mistake and its impact not only on myself but also on the future (the Earth is in GK 4, which moves from the Shadow of Intolerance to the Siddhi of Forgiveness through the Gift of Understanding) and I choose to honor myself and others through what I am and what I feel and what I do (GK 38), inside me begins a revolution of transformation through truth and love in which I am gradually reborn. The sun transits GK 49, which moves from the Shadow of Reaction to the Siddhi of the Rebirth through the Gift of Revolution.


 Art by Steve Delamare

On this journey in Capricorn during the month of February, these planets travel with a group of asteroids (Vesta, Orius, Siwa, Arawn, Lachesis, Arachne) with which they will enter at the end of the month in GK 61, of Personal Truth, the GK in which consciousness travels from the Shadow of Psychosis to the Siddhi of Sanctity through the Gift of Inspiration.

What does the North Node tell us in GK 8 (Mediocrity, Style, Exquisiness) in which Sedna also travels until the North Node exits this transit? Like Pluto, Sedna, the Goddess of the Sea in Inuit mythology, rules the underworld, the world of deep and unknown waters.

There are several variants of the myth of Sedna, the best known myth is that Sedna was a beautiful girl who rejected marriage proposals from hunters in her village. Then, when an unknown hunter appeared, Sedna's father agreed to marry her in exchange for the fish he had caught. Sedna's father gives Sedna a sleeping potion and puts her to sleep as the hunter takes her to a large nest on a rock, where he reveals his true form: a great negative bird spirit. Desperate for the situation, she asks for help and her father tries to save her, but the bird's spirit becomes angry, causing a big storm. In desperation, Sedna's father throws her into the sea so that he can save himself. Trying to cling to the kayak and re-enter it, the father cuts off the fingers of her hands that fall into the sea and become sea creatures. She falls to the bottom of the sea and does not die but grows a fish tail and becomes the Goddess of the sea where she builds a palace from the materials available in the sea.


                               Art by Genevieve Cseh

From my point of view, this transit brings to the surface the ancestral wound of falling from heaven, the wound of falling from the Unity of Being, the wound of separating the feminine from the masculine, a wound that contains deep within also the feeling of betrayal.

There is a pertinent question we can ask here about the fall of the feminine from heaven, the fall from the unity of being. If God is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent and rules Heaven, where exactly does the Feminine fall if God is everywhere? Maybe we are talking about a sacrifice of the feminine nature on the altar of the fulfillment of the creative dream of the Divine Father?

No matter where we try to connect with this primary wound, whether it feels like abandonment or exclusion or tearing apart, it contains deep within it the feeling of betrayal and the feeling of injustice. Wounds are also expressions of the trinity in form just that they are a trinity turned upside down, they become a kind of reverse of the objective existential reality.

Thus, in this transit during this period, the trinity of abandonment, betrayal, injustice is coming to the surface for healing and integration. Even though at the highest level of consciousness we find that separation is an illusion, in the human reality of our daily lives this wound is very much alive and present in the biology of our bodies.

Sedna's myth suggests that our relationships are based on a form of deception, compromise, and lying. And the terror that the body experiences when it falls or is thrown into the unknown and no one is there to catch it.

Over time, it has been reflected in our various relationships with authority, the father being the symbol of supreme authority: in the daughter-father relationship, in the woman-man relationship, especially where the woman depends materially on the man, the human-God relationship, the human relationship and various external authorities: heads of offices, companies, governments and any other form of collective authority.

There is a deep, primary feeling of betrayal that needs to be transmuted in order for this type of relationships to improve or move to a higher octave. It brings to the surface a primary fear of the other. It highlights the lack of trust and faith in support and justice that is possible for all.

If we look at our lives and the energy that underpins the construction of our societies, we find betrayal everywhere, from relationships between young children who become victims of evil and are betraying their friends, to relationships between adults, to relationships with governments and other authorities, to relationships between nations.

Suspicion and mistrust between people has reached its peak. Like an unseen curse that overshadows our minds and hearts and makes us see only danger and enemies everywhere. Where can such a movement lead if not to destruction? The shadow of GK 1 with which the GK 8 make a channel is Entropy.

“A measure of the disorder or unavailability of energy within a closed system. More entropy means less energy available for doing work.” (GK1)

How does the female react when she feels unsupported or in danger? The feminine nature which in its essence is receptive, generous, warm, nourishing, in its dark nature becomes closed, cold, aggressive, deadly.

The South Node that transits the GK 14 (Commitment, Competence, Generosity) highlights in this period the full way of compromise in which we have woven our existence, be it personal, relational or collective. People are rising up these days and shouting their dissatisfaction demanding justice. It is and will be an intense period of change at all levels.

On the I Ching Wheel we cross the Kali-ruled sector, ruled by the fire of transformation or the fire that revives our hearts. She governs the Codon Ring of Purification (GK 13 and GK 30) and the Codon Ring of The Wirlwind (GK 49 and GK 55).

GK 8 together with GK 2, which travels from the Shadow of Dislocation to the Siddhi of Unity through the Gift of Orientation, form together the Codon Ring of Water.

"...When the One externalises itself as a manifestation in form, it has not created a duality, but a trinity. Every duality is really a relationship, and every relationship is really a three — there is a man, a woman and instantly there is also a couple — the relationship itself. In Divine mathematics, the number two is always an illusion — it cannot logically exist. If you can say anything at all about the number two you might say it is a bridge — a dynamic process that is instantaneously transmuted before it is even born."

"As one of the primary pillars of our DNA, the life of one who lives within this Siddhi is of great relevance to our evolutionary history. These beings exert an enormous magnetic influence on our entire planet. Although it may sound like science fiction, the expression of the 2nd Siddhi in a human being actually changes the direction of the earth as it moves through space."(GK2)

"The 2nd Siddhi is mythically represented by the star of Bethlehem in the Christ myth."(GK2)

Art. by Mr. Caution

The North Node will enter in Gene Key 2 on July 31, 2022 and will stay there for 4 months. This year, when number 2 predominates, invites us to transform our relationships and the way we communicate with each other. The alchemy ruled by Mercury, mentioned above as the symbolic birth of the White Queen, suggests the birth of the loving feminine inside our being and the birth of the tender voice that expresses the essence and purity of being.

Even if there is more to say, I leave room for your contemplation and I will end with a quote from GK 8, which guides us as the North Node now:

"As an aspect of the genetic family known as the Ring of Water, the Siddhi of Exquisiteness is chemically bonded to the 2nd Siddhi of Unity. These are the two great feminine Gene Keys in the human genome, drawing all human beings along their inevitable journey to self-realisation. One of the great mysteries of the 21 Codon Rings is found here. The Ring of Water forms a kind of eternal genetic knot with its polarity, the Ring of Fire. These two chemical families and their amino acids phenylalanine and lysine move us human beings along the trajectory of our destinies, ensuring that our genetic material finds its opposite match. Even deep within the body, these chemical families set the primal blueprint for the balance of all the opposing forces inside us. It is in the crossfire of these two Codon Rings that the mystical figure-of-eight is forged within each of us. This eternal love knot deep within our planetary gene pool sets each man and each woman squarely on the human journey. The true symbolism of the number eight represents the timeless quest for the buried treasure that lies inside each of us — that elusive diamond of our true nature."(GK8)

Quotes from The Gene Keys book by Richard Rudd




  Written on February 10 2022 by Sarani Anişoara Cismaşu


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