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english Jun 06, 2022

I feel to share with you some of the tranzits of today June 6, 2022, numerologicaly a 666 day. I feel inspired to share some ideas about this moment. I'll start by presenting the map of the time of today at 6:06:06 a.m UTC

Before discussing other transits, I would like to point out that the Moon at this time is in GK 29.6, the GK that travels from the Shadow of Half heartedness to the Siddhi of Devotion through the Path or the Gift of Commitment.

"Half-heartedness robs you of your opportunity to participate in life’s mystery."

We notice that the moon is in the sector of the duality of the I Ching Wheel, a sector that is based on the trigram of water and which is ruled by the Deity of Thoth.She will pass through GK 59 during the day, which travels from the Shadow of Dishonesty to the Siddhi of Transparency through the Path or the Gift of Intimacy. At 6:06:06 pm the Moon will be in GK 40.1 (Exhaustion, Resolve, Divine Will).

While in GK 59, the moon is accompanied by other celestial bodies:

Lynn Koiner is writing about Isis - Transpluto:

"The life lesson associated with Transpluto is learning wholeness and integration in your relationships with others. The concept of wholeness and integration is doing something, fighting for something, because it is correct for the WHOLE, not any specific individual or the self. With a sense of integrity, it is the correct thing to do in a wholistic sense. Others cannot make you whole. You need to do this yourself. You can provide wholeness and integration for others and this process can assist you in becoming whole. [...] Transpluto represents a long process of achieving wholeness and integration ― becoming what we want and need to be regardless of what others think."

Considering the name Isis in itself:

"(Gk. Ἶσις)  Isis  ỉs.t or ȝs.t → Ancient pronun. likely "Aset" or "Iset".

A woman who possessed words of power.12 Goddess of immense magical power.13 As mourner, principal deity in rites connected with the dead; as magical healer, cured the sick and brought the deceased to life; and mother, role model for all women.14 Ideal mother and wife, patroness of nature and magic, magic spells and ritual, esp. protection and healing; protector of the dead; goddess of children.15 Legend of Ra and Isis.16 Osiris myth: resurrection of Osiris, birth of Horus.17 Patron of women, mothers, children, magic, medicine, and the Ritual of Life.18 Sometimes winged, seated on the symbol for gold, depiction also connected with sovereignty of Inner Mastery not contingent upon station in life, when heart and
spirit are ready to receive.19"

trans — "across", "beyond", "through", "changing thoroughly"

Pluto: "Underworld; unconscious; death and rebirth; transformation; occultism, hidden sciences, mystery, death, afterlife, power, upheavals impossible to escape, sexual energy;21,22 psychoanalysis and similar deep therapies; elimination, purification, exposure, intensity, extremes; rules over the basic conflict between spiritual development and worldly living;23 "[A]rchetype of primordial energy, the universal life force which impels all evolution and transformation. Pluto represents the principle of power itself, of elemental force, of primal libido and aggression, and is essentially identical to Freud's notion of the id. It is the Dionysian energy of life, the Serpent power, the Kundalini. It compels, empowers, overwhelms, transforms; it destroys and resurrects. Pluto governs the instincts and the forces of nature. It rules the biological processes of birth, sex, and death, and at its deepest level it involves the mystery of death and rebirth." 24"

quotes from:

Thereus, in Greek θηρείος βία means violence of the beast. In Ovid's Metamorphosis, Thereus appears in the description of the battle between lapids and centaurs as the centaur who hunted bears and dragged them around, alive and wounded. In GKs transmission the bear is the totem of the Gift of  GK 34, Strenght. We also note that the name given to GK 34 is the Beauty of the Beast.

To understand more about Thereus, let's look at the circumstances of his discovery. At the time of its discovery, Mars is beyond the usual boundaries of the ecliptic plane. This suggests movement or energy beyond control. Mars is in Sagittarius flanked by Pluto and Chiron. Astrologers say that the proximity of Pluto increases the possibility of increased violence and the proximity of Chiron increases the possibility that Mars' actions will cause trauma.

From my point of view, everything is relative and depends on the angle from which you look at what is happening. What is seen as trauma happening now from one point of view, from another point of view can be seen as unconscious collective trauma revealed in the present moment for integration and healing, With other words, something hidden and unseen so far is brought to consciousness for awareness, transformation, integration.

Fortune in mythology is the one that spins the Wheel of Fortune or the Wheel of Life. Considering that the Earth is transiting in GK 5.5 at that moment, 5 + 5 = 10, exactly the Archetype of the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot. In Human Design, gate 5 is also called the Alchemist of Time. So from my point of view, this moment of 666 represents a gate of transcendence of time, of stepping at some level beyond the Wheel of Time, of destiny (especially when we have the South Node in GK 43, part together with GK 34 of the Ring of Destiny).

Fortune is the asteroid with the number 19 in the asteroid numbers, 1 + 9 = 10 and we find the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Archetype again.

Why considering moon? Because she represents our Etheric Body. There is a deep connection between our Physical Body and our Etheric Body as much as if there will be no Moon the Earth also will not be able to exist. The Moon speaks about deeper themes connected with healing and integration. In Alchemy the moon is connected with the brain and deeper layers of the unconscious mind.

Mars in GK 17.6 currently is moving toward GK 21.1 where will enter somewhere in the evening. GK 21, is traveling from the Shadow of Control to the Siddhi of Valor through the Path or Gift of Authority.

There is so much to say about this transit that I don't even know how to slip as many ideas into this article without complicating the information that needs to be conveyed. If this information hasn't find you yet, please open up to receive it now. At a deeper lever we are in the process of reversing the magnetic poles. This process happens simultaneously both inside and outside. And GK 21 is one of the keys that tells us about this process:

"With the advent of the 55th Gene Key and its reawakening of the spirit of romance within humanity, this 21st Siddhi is actually ushering in a new myth and a new age of chivalry. The essence of Valour is to be found in the symbol of the male pole surrendering to the female pole. The programming partner of the 21st Siddhi is the 48th Siddhi of Wisdom, which is one of the great archetypes of the Divine Feminine. Valour therefore represents the surrender of control (symbolised by man) to trust (symbolised by woman). This surrender results in the absolute annihilation of the male force by the female force, an ancient mythic enactment contained in many ancient creation myths. This surrender of the male into the female creates a reversal of roles and poles and thus the communion is fulfilled. Ironically, it is through this divine coupling that the male force is truly empowered through its opposite. In other words, the male force is knighted and empowered only through its surrender to the female. It is important to understand that this imagery is an internal truth rather than a literal representation of man and woman. The power of Valour could thus be summarised as the courage and love that must be found within the lower self to die into the unknown world of the higher Self." 

Also the Sun transit in GK 35, speaks about this inner reversal:

"The 35th Gift is the only place within all human DNA that human beings have a choice in how their reality is constructed."

"Very few human beings can handle the concept of boundlessness because it has a diffusing effect on your mind. It invites you to move out of your mind and into your heart. It is really the heart that knows no bounds, which is why consciousness is the same word as love."

"No mind will ever solve the mysteries of the universe — of time and space — because mind is only a tiny facet within those mysteries. The heart, or what some people call the heart-mind, is the only aspect within a human being that can unlock the mystery of boundlessness. So what can the 35th Siddhi tell us? It can tell us only one thing — that pure unconditional love can break all the laws of the cosmos. Whenever you taste even a fraction of this kind of love, anything becomes possible. Because we inhabit a form and live in a world where magic seems impossible, more and more human beings are turned away from the truth that anything in the universe is possible. When the Siddhi of Boundlessness enters the world, it allows consciousness to penetrate right into the heart of matter, which bends the laws of matter. Such a siddhic being represents a shortcut through evolution itself, and many people can experience huge awakenings and miracles around such a being."


Pluto is in GK 60.3 at the moment. Line 3 is associated with the Solar Plexus, which in the past was unified with the center of the heart. The Solar Plexus is also the center of higher awareness, the place where we become aware of ourselves as consciousness and the place where the Great Change that the GKs are speaking about begins and takes place. GK 60 travels from the Shadow of Limitation to the Siddhi of Judgment through the Path or Gift of Realism. In the Human Design Body Chart it is positioned in the center of the Root, at the base of the chart, right in the middle of the 3 channels, where  the Path of Individuation begins. And it is important to mention here that this chart speaks not only of our journey as individuals but also of our journey as a whole, of the processes and body of Humanity seen as one being, as a whole.

In Divine mathematics, GK 60 is connected with number 6 which governs one of the themes of today. 6 it reprezents Love and it is also connected with the planet Venus. The 6th Tarot Archetype is The Lovers.


We see the feminine and the masculine transcending in the Oneness of Being. We can look at the image as if the story it is telling is revealed from top to bottom or from bottom to top. Involution or Evolution? We fragment from the unity of consciousness into duality or transcend the duality of mind and integrate into the unity of being.

In the GKs transmission, GK 6 travels from the Shadow of Conflict to the Siddhi of Peace through the Way or Gift of Diplomacy. In the  human design chart it forms the channel of intimacy with the GK 59, in which the Moon is transiting today

So, at a deeper level, for me, this portal of 666 is opening a deeper door for duality trancendance. It speaks about One and Three in the same time, about Trinity of Being, about the birth of the third aspect of consciousness, the Holy Spirit or Divine Feminine.

Uranus, which in astrology is known as the "Awakener," because its appearance and transits bring sudden changes and shocks, is now in GK 2.4, the Key that travels from the Shadow of Dislocation to the Siddhi of Unity through the Path or Gift of Orientation.

"The 2nd Gift has a special role within your DNA in that it creates a kind of attractor field around you. It not only unifies the microcosm with the macrocosm, but it also unites matter and spirit."

"The 2nd Siddhi describes the experience of enlightenment or awakening. It is the cornerstone of all the siddhic states, being as it is the essence of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine pole has a great mystery within it, because in a certain sense it cannot be said to be a pole at all. The masculine pole is very simple and straightforward, but the feminine is beyond any sense of reason and understanding. The masculine principle is really an externalisation of the feminine rather than a duality. At the siddhic level there is no such thing as duality. Duality is destroyed by a strange kind of Divine logic. At this heightened level of awareness, mathematics works differently than on the mental level. One plus one doesn’t equal two, but always makes three. The only numbers that really exist at the siddhic level are one and three."

"Thus when the One externalises itself as a manifestation in form, it has not created a duality, but a trinity. Every duality is really a relationship, and every relationship is really a three — there is a man, a woman and instantly there is also a couple — the relationship itself. In Divine mathematics, the number two is always an illusion — it cannot logically exist. If you can say anything at all about the number two you might say it is a bridge — a dynamic process that is instantaneously transmuted before it is even born."

"As do all the Siddhis, the 2nd Siddhi carries a specific mythology when it manifests through an individual in the world of form. As one of the primary pillars of our DNA, the life of one who lives within this Siddhi is of great relevance to our evolutionary history. These beings exert an enormous magnetic influence on our entire planet. Although it may sound like science fiction, the expression of the 2nd Siddhi in a human being actually changes the direction of the earth as it moves through space. The 2nd Siddhi can only therefore be born in the world of humanity if our whole species makes a leap in consciousness. In order for such a leap to be made, we have to wait for a certain set of geometric coordinates to line up in the cosmos. These are the alignments that astrologers are always seeking to find and understand in the heavens."

In the asteroid's numbers, number 2 asteroid is Pallas Athena, an asteroid that is in conjunction with Uranus now during this transit. In Greek mythology, it was believed that Athena was born from the head of her father Zeus (Jupiter). In some versions of the story, Athena has no mother and is born from the forehead of Zeus by parthenogenesis.

In his dialogue Cratylus, Plato gives an etymology of Athena's name based on the view of the ancient Athenians:

That is a graver matter, and there, my friend, the modern interpreters of Homer may, I think, assist in explaining the view of the ancients. For most of these in their explanations of the poet, assert that he meant by Athene "mind" (nous) and "intelligence" (dianoia), and the maker of names appears to have had a singular notion about her; and indeed calls her by a still higher title, "divine intelligence" (Thou noesis), as though he would say: This is she who has the mind better than others. Nor shall we be far wrong in supposing that the author of it wished to identify this Goddess with moral intelligence (en ethei noesin), and therefore gave her the name ethonoe; which, however, either he or his successors have altered into what they thought a nicer form, and called her Athene." (Cratylus 407b).</ref> where he derives her name from A-theo-noa (A-θεο-νόα) or E-theo-noa (H-θεο-νόα) meaning "the mind of God."[11]

Being the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter has a very special meaning in astrology. Luck and authority are generally symbolized by this planet - as is abundance and generosity. It also symbolizes expansion, influence, and sometimes even wealth.

If we look at the symbol of Jupiter we can recognize the number 21, the GK with the Gift of Authority and also the number 4, the GK that brings Forgiveness into the world. Also instead of 21 the 24 can be seen in the image. Transiting GK 17.1 Jupiter invites us to see ourselves and the world with the eye of the God, with the eye of Love, beyond opinion and judgement, in Unity.

Venus is transiting GK 24.4, which travels from the Shadow of Addiction to the Siddi of Silence through the Path or Gift of Invention. Venus is in the sign of Taurus, which she governs and travels accompanied by the asteroids: Tantalus, Pan, Albion and Zenobia.

The myth of Tantalus represents very well the shadow of addiction and its painful dance along with the shadow of psychosis. Also, his story connects us to the one of the active channels of the day, channel 35 - 36, The channel of Transience. It also speaks about Involution.

Tantalus appears as the mythical king of Phrygia in Greece, one of the dozens of illegitimate descendants of Zeus. Originally loved by Zeus, he was a frequent guest on Olympus, the mountain of Gods and a confidant of the king of the gods. But Tantalus coveted eternal life and stole the nectar from immortal foods, causing Zeus to chase him away.

To reconcile with the gods, Tantalus prepared a great banquet at which he invited the gods. Considering the situation in a wrong way, he decided to offer his son Pelops as a sacrifice, killed him, cut him to pieces, and boiled him in a stew to serve his divine guests. The gods realized the nature of the food offered and refused it, all of them except Demeter, who, disturbed by the absence of her abducted daughter, Persephone, inadvertently ate part of the boy's shoulder. Zeus later ordered the Fates to bring Pelops back to life, and Demeter offered him a replacement shoulder made of ivory by Hephaestus.

Upset, Zeus condemned Tantalus to an eternity of hunger and thirst for his murder. Chained in Tartarus, in the underworld, Tantalus was placed in a lake with fruit trees hanging above his head. But whenever he tried to bend down to drink, the waters of the lake receded, and whenever he came to pick the fruit, a gust of wind blew his branches up and he could not reach them. Thus, his desires were constantly thwarted and he never achieved his goal.

We may connect this myth with the retrograde movement of Saturn in GK 30 too. 

Then of course, myths should never be taken ad.literam. Same for the religious scriptures. Their truth or transmission is always beyond the surface, between the lines, in the space between words, where we can find images and a higher view.

Tantalus can be seen as that aspect of the soul - part of the whole and the higher world, which is suddenly dislocated from the whole. Lack of self-awareness causes him to act against his own nature, the son he kills symbolizing his very future. Only the vigilance and awareness of his higher aspects make it possible for his murdered son to be resurrected, but his shoulder eaten by the unaware cosmic mother (the sleeping feminine) is replaced by an ivory shoulder. In the punishing Zeus we find the model of the Judge in our psyche, who punishes and condemns him to an eternity of eternal lack. Left like this in the underworld in eternal hunger and thirst, Tantalus looks like the masculine version of the fallen feminine, of Eve biting the apple of good and evil. Looks like no one bothered to get him out of there, maybe because Forgiveness of Divine Love has not yet reached the minds of humans in order to transform the avenging Judge in them.

But if we admit that there is a Divine Plan at work and God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent, absolutely nothing in creation can happen without His/Her will. And if we admit this, it is necessary to admit that any fall could only be accomplished following the Will of God. What if it is not a fall at all but a fulfillment of Divine Will? What if there is a higher purpose in this fall, such as bringing to light the quintessence of the deepest layers of matter? If the ivory shoulder talks about the integration of the mineral realm with human realm and also tells us that life never moves backwards through the forms through which it run before but revives in new and new forms always. It is always moving forward, in other words, life always reinvents herself.

Ivory - a hard creamy-white substance composing the main part of the tusks of an elephant, walrus, or narwhal. The elephant is the totem animal for the gift of GK 5, Pacience.

Then Ivory is the crystal connected with GK 19, named The Future Human Being.

Asteroid Pan it speaks about honoring the realm of the senses. This was the natural man, the untamed man before the rules or expectations were set on him to limit his expression. An earthly, wild, woody energy flows with this asteroid. Spontaneous, youthful, innocent and well-intentioned, Pan has an idealistic side. Pan asks us to be just ourselves and can indicate where we want to throw the chains of societal expectations and cultural condition. Where Pan appears is where we need to be free to be genuine, honest, and wild.

Asteroid Albion - Builds bridges between two worlds. Albion seems to connect the end of an era with the beginning of a new one. Like Uranus, but more with a constant force of plutonic transformation than the Uranian rebellion. The transition from the pre-Internet era and the Internet age is one of the best examples. As a side effect, Albion poses major challenges in any new configuration of human evolution and forces one to choose between a true "rebellion of humanity" or a false "belief in technological inventions."

The astrological significance of the asteroid Zenobia seems to be: feminism, strong and aggressive women, feminine power, belligerent.

We see her hands tied in this picture. The hands are the extension of the heart. If the hands are tied, love is tied. That may explain the status of the warrior. A warrior also reveals a reversal of archetypes. Even if the body or appearance is feminine, the vehicle has become an instrument of the male archetype. A reversal is necessary for the two archetypes to find their place and fulfill their purpose. With the female dressed as a warrior, lovers do not reach transcendence.

Mercury in GK 8.3 together with Uranus in GK 2.4 activates the Codon Ring. of Water. In Tarot the 2nd Archetype is the High Priestess while the Archetype 8 is Strenght. 2 + 8 = 10 and we discover the Wheel of Fortune again.

The High Priestess represents also a bridge through which divine wisdom flows to earth. Like GK 2 which represents the Magnetic Monopoly and the guidance of the higher heart, also the High Priestess represents the Soul or the bridge that unites the Spirit with the Matter.

Then Strenght represents the expression and quality of wisdom and life that flows through the High Priestess. The Tenderness and love of the feminine principle that tames, transforms and integrates the beast into the unity of the higher being.


Lets look at this data through the eyes and wisdom of divine mathematics. 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 = 9

The Tarot Archetype No. 9 is represented by the Hermit. The Hermit represents the incarnation of the soul, or the supreme magician, the Hierophant who renounced the known world. The Hermit is the one who discovers the Quintessence, the one who withdraws from the world into the cave of his skull and discovers himself as One. He walks through the wilderness of his own soul, with a torch of light in his left hand and is stepping forward with his left foot. He walks guided by Love which then he shares as Light.


Usualy the references to the number 666 bring to the surface fear. Why? Because it's associated with the beast. But the quote in Apocalipse is connecting this number also with the man.

"He that hath understanding hath the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred sixty-six."

In the state of consciousness fragmentation, in its state of dislocation and disintegration, man is a beast. In English language, if you read the word Evil backwards, it comes out as Live. Evil is that nature of consciousness turned against its original nature. In order to return to its original, transparent, radiant state of being love, a reversal is necessary.

Some weeks ago, using the Dream Arc, I have asked the Oracle for Vision Guide. Black Panther came and invited to a week of initiation. That night I had a dream in which I was told Humanity is about to be initiated into the Avatar frequencies. Later on I understood that this specific day is opening that door. 

(6 + 6 + 6 = 18 = 9), is the Hermit, or the restored masculine who is on the service of Love or the feminine. The Hermit also represents the point in the center of the circle or the center of being, which is Christ, the Universal I, the Unifying Principle of Life.

In Gene Keys teaching 9 represents Invincibility or Inner Space - The Last Frontier.

"At the highest level of consciousness, levels themselves disappear. Outer space becomes inner space, time becomes infinite yet absolutely present, and all boundaries are absorbed by consciousness itself. Now the moment something loses all boundaries, it becomes two contrary things — it becomes simultaneously defenceless and invincible. Invincibility can therefore be defined as merging your individual awareness back into the consciousness of the universe."

"The only force in the universe that is truly invincible is love. Love knows only giving, so it creates a vacuum which in turn continually floods with more love. It is impossible to fight against such a force since it renders all other energies defunct by returning them to their source."

This infusion of high vibrational frequencies that will emanate from the center of our being and the center of the Earth, will bring to the surface a force equal in power but unconscious, from the dark and unconscious inner realms.

Friction is necesary in creation. In my own understanding, this impulse of opposition and resistance will be felt in the next period of time, in initially less noticeable waves then sometimes maybe very strong waves of hostility in the months ahead and even the following years. So where your attention will be in the next period of time, there will be your energy and the quality of your experience.

I return a little bit to the Moon again, which will transit today GK 59, of Intimacy and Transparency, 5 + 9 = 14, the Archetype of Temperance in Tarot. Temperance is the method of balancing all the aspects encountered in our path to self-realization, so that we have mastery over the lower, carnal self.

Then, if the key of Understanding is found in this archetype connected with the number 9, let's see what gifts we have to develop in this journey of Christification of matter through the GKs that numerologically lead us to the number 9: 18 - Integrity, 27 - Altruism, 36 - Humanity, 45 - Synergy, 54 - Aspiration, 63 - Inquiry. Again 6, 6 gifts.

Now that I've brought you here, if you're still with me, I invite you to inquire deeper into this yourself, there are so many keys in here that can open new doors of inner understanding. There is so much to say but I don't want to write a doctorate about it, I just want to outline a few ideas, to connect points from different transmissions that bring together a higher and deeper picture of the moment.

Love is incarnating on Earth, and some chaos will break out in this whole process, which can take hundreds of years. So if you were to retain one important idea from this whole article, that would be to find the center of your being and stabilize your awareness in there. When you are centered in your inner Hermit, Love and Light will be your guides.

Love is incarnating in matter, and in the process it will erase the ancestral wound from the DNA of humanity. She will embrace and include all so-called illegitimate children. Yes, it is very possible that this world and its structures built on the idea of ​​lack, victimization and abuse will disappear, but a new world will be reborn from the ashes of the one burned in the fire of purification and transmutation. Trust! Nothing happens outside of the Divine Plan. Throughout all this process you are supported and encouraged to remember that Love is who you are.

Quotes from the Gene Keys book by Richard Rudd

Tarot Archetype Images from the White Rider Set

The charts are made using software.

© Sarani Anişoara Cismaşu


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